Raising Funds and Raising FUN!

Support our Fundraising efforts with these easy options

Level Ground Coffee

Level Ground Trading offers us a fundraising package including: coffee, cane sugar, dried fruit, and tea.
    The coffee is direct fair trade from Ethiopia and around the world, and available in medium or dark roast, whole beans or ground.  Green beans are available as well.  
    The products will be available for purchase at ECFA events or by ordering through this link.  Level Ground will deliver local orders of $40 and over at no charge. 

Thrifty’s Smile Cards

More info coming soon on how your next grocery shop could support ECFA events!

Bottle Depot

And everyone’s favourite weekend chore- the bottle depot! Make your next visit there a memorable one with a donation to ECFA events.

4261 Glanford Ave, 655 Queens Ave or 3961 Quadra St in Victoria
    When you return your empty cans/bottles, simply tell the cashier at the beginning of the transaction that you’d like to donate the funds to “E-Camp”.
    All proceeds will be used to improve ECFA event programming.

Giving is an attitude. It is not dependent on the amount of money in your bank account. It’s a heart issue.” 

John Di Lemme